Dave Wilson

B.A.(Hons) in Sculpture and an M.Ed in Aesthetics (i.e. the study of the nature and value of Beauty).

I was also a Secondary school Art teacher for a couple of years in the early 1980s.   Those credentials aside, I have a long history in relation to undertaking formal academic artistic training (e.g. the Life Room), as well as a life-long interest in experimenting in the visual arts (e.g. in sculpture and ceramics I’ve employed materials such as sand, clay, soil, wood, steel, hessian, rope/string, water, bricks, sawdust, and all manner of paints).   For the last decade or so my primary focus has been on drawing, painting, collage, and print-making.   My favourite artists are the painters Rothko, Matisse, and Schiele, and the sculptors Brancusi and Giacometti.